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Maple Leaves - Golden Ether ep

The stunning debut ep from Glasgow’s Maple Leaves.  The ep features 4 pop delights: Golden Ether, Empire, What A Day, and Drunk At The Pulpit. Released on 20th October, the ep is available to pre-order now.  Initial copies will be signed by all band members.


The Hardy Boys - Under The Picadilly Clock ep

The EP starts with a classic upbeat indiepop song, “You’re just what I need right now”,with good lyrics and a great melody. It continues with my favourite, “Trains Ran On Time”, a really beautiful song which starts slow with the lovely vocals from Kat King,  The EP ends with the acoustic “Dear Seamus Heaney”, – a perfect ending on an almost perfect ep.  


Zipper - Last Chance For Friday’s Badge ep

Friday Night and Last Chance deliver the bands Buzzcock influenced (s)punky pop sound over songs that last for little over two minutes which means a big, big thumbs up in my book. They slow things down on final track The Badge but the joint vocals work to great effect especially when M Mar’s voice kick in as the guitars start to fuzz and the chorus starts.


Starshy - Short and Sweet ep

Opening track Yammer Yammer, is a stripped down blues jaunt. There’s a similar vein on Memories That Linger, where he presents a unique take on Catch A Falling Star (which must be out of copyright!). Elsewhere it’s more about dreamy guitar pop, although the closing two tracks drift more into a folkier dominion, giving off a very sixties feeling.


Various Artist - Pop! Vol. 1 ep

A wonderful ep that encapsulates the diy, casio musings of snye, sublime boy/girl vocal harmonies from Mammoth Life, tongue in cheek lyrical attacks on the “scene” from Electric Needle Room and the pop, romp, glam, stomp of Your Elders. Indie music is one dimensional?  Not here it isn’t!


Lean Tales - Flesh and Paper ep

The bands sound is a mix of jangle pop, agit-pop plus hints of the classic sound of 60’s girl groups. -  it’s on Penny On The Floor where this is best demonstrated. That said it’s not the only stand out track here. Taste Of Superglue is a jangle feast that would be worthy of filling the dancefloor at indiepop discos up and down the country whilst Money Smile and Days Are Quick are more than worthy substitutes.


Hyperbubble - Better Set Your Phasers To Stun

My first thought when I heard the lyrics is how similar it was to Helen Love only for the aforementioned to chip in with some vocals half way through.  The opening single mix is the one that gets the thumbs up from me with two further tracks. Beach Party UFO and Disgow Glasgow.  It’s retro fun and bouncy throwaway pop music to the boot.


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